ebuddy.com should run on AIR

I have a couple of friends that use ebuddy.com as their IM client at work to stay in touch with friends. I just tried it today and it is a cute little application that is also very useful if you have firewall issues at work that prevent you from using the regular desktop clients. Of course, using this application for a short while I was thinking that this would make a great AIR application.

The advantages would be that would get toaster notifications, use desktop drag'n'drop to share images/files, custom chrome and no browser related issues. This is a perfect example for the AIR use-case, so hopefully they will come around and do it someday.


katopz@sleepydesign.com said...

you can try it via AIR HTML here


it's far from perfect, just for fun ;)

Anonymous said...

I think the current Ajax version is a better sollution. It's light weigth and with the new HTML5 it will become more native. And they had support for Fluid (and maybe Prism in the future) a long time ago so you can still use it as in a desktop environment if you want to. I do agree that they should approach it more as a default IM client and not 'when on school/work' client.

porquero said...

You can use mozilla prism to use it. Is easy!!

Anonymous said...

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