Flex had great documentation

These days I do a lot of HTML5 programming and on the server-side the technology I mostly use is the Spring Framework. Using the Spring Framework I often have questions or need to look up answers to specific hurdles I might encounter as I code and I typically turn to the online documentation. Unfortunately I have found that the online Spring documentation is not the best. Often the sections of the documentation describing a specific feature are brief or provide no concrete example. For such a widely used framework, this is disappointing. I thus often find myself simply googling my question and finding the answer that I need in that manner.

This reminded me of course of the good old days of Flex development where I would go directly to the online documentation and find what I needed right then and there. The documentation was complete, it had a great amount of detail on each and every feature of the framework and had great examples for each component thus making it easy to understand how things work or how to get started creating an application.