Additional Flex 3 charting components

I've recently been working on re-building our reporting UI for our customers at work using Flex, Spring and iBatis. I've had lots of fun doing it and have got it done in a pretty short amount of time. This has given me the opportunity to add some pre-defined charts to the application that display the data in a more visual manner. This was also quick to implement because of how easy it is to use the various charting components (Pie, column, bar, etc...) that come with Flex.

My boss however, wanted me to look into something advanced regarding charting and I saw that it was not possible with the out-of-the-box charts that Flex provided. So I started to google for alternatives and found that some people have created additional charting components that are really great. I have included a couple of them here:

Funny thing as well this week I attended an online demo of BIRT, which actually uses Flex to draw it's charts. So take a look at the links above and enjoy :)

Comparing various RIA technologies

Just viewed this presentation from one of the guys from parleys.com about his comparison of various RIA technologies. Basically he talks about how they went about choosing Flex to create the parleys.com website and then demonstrates the same website done with GWT and JavaFX all the while pointing out the pros and cons of each technology. Very well done.