Buzy week for Adobe Labs

The first week of June has been a buzy one for the Adobe Labs web site, where several new applications have been posted. First and foremost is the beta release of two important development with regards to the Flex community, Flash Builder 4 and Flash Catalyst 1. Yes you read that right, with the next release, Flex Builder has been renamed Flash Builder so that it fits properly under the Flash Platform umbrella. I also believe that the renaming is also a good idea, because too many times in the past people got confused about the cost of Flex, or shall I say Flex Builder. See now you can clearly distinguish between the two and say, the Flex SDK is 100% free and open source, whereas the development tool called Flash Builder is not, it costs XX dollars to purchase for use.

Also the first build of Flash Catalyst is available, which is the tool built for designers. Meaning a designer can create the look-and-feel of an application and then pass it on to a developer who will use Flash Builder to add the business functionality and complete the application.

Another cool thing announced this week is the BrowserLab, a web-based tool that you use to preview a web site you are developing on different browser and OSes, so you can tweak your web site to look the same across the board. The are limited spaces however to try this tool out, so better sign up now if interested.

Last, but not least, Status was announced, a framework that allows you to built Flex applications that can incorporate peer-to-peer communications between two Flash Player instances at run-time. I remember seeing this at MAX last year and thought this was one of the cooler demos that were shown. Think of chat application with the server basically.

So like a said, a buzy week indeed :)


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