Flex Effects

Found this site that has very interesting effects that can be a very effective use of transitions within an application. Right-click to view the source and download it for use in your own applications.


MAX Day 2: Quake in FP, client side data services and Flex for Visual Studio

Just sat in the Tuesday keynote and there have been numerous interesting info to come out. Here they are in no particuliar order:

  • Project Alchemy: is a toolset that allows you to convert C/C++ code to AS3 and then run in Flash Player or AIR (they showed C encryption library, Quake and Mario bros running!)
  • Coldfusion Bolt: an eclipse based IDE for next version of ColdFusion (codenamed Centaur)
  • Flex Builder 4: you can easily auto connect to server-side data, includes a network monitor and finally has client side data services (commit/rollback functionality)
  • Visual Studio 2008: now supports Flex development (no details)...also native AMF support in .NET is coming


Thermo now Flash Catalyst

The product known up to this point as Thermo, the designer centric tool that generates Flex code, now has the official name of Flash Catalyst. You can view some information about it at the Adobe labs and a beta will be available sometime next year. It still has a way to go, but it looks very promising. They were actually handing out a preview build at one of the sessions here at MAX, for MAC only however.

AIR Unleashed available at MAX Store

The book I helped co-write "AIR Unleashed" is available at MAX Store for those that are at the conference, so I obviously recommend you checking it out :) We did the book signing today right in front of the store, but wasn't able to blog about it until now due to the wireless connection issues!


MAX 2008 just around the corner

Yup, only 6 days left till MAX 2008 North America starts and I am excited! There are still some spaces left, so those of you still thinking about it, don't waste anymore time, go to the MAX site and register now! For those that have never been before, you will definitely learn something you didn't know from the various sessions; the General Sessions offer exciting sneak peaks into the future of Adobe products and recently they posted the list of Bird of a Feather (BoF) sessions. The BoF sessions are were you get a chance to meet the Flex and AIR teams and much more :)

Also, the MAX 2008 site now contains a list of the MAX Awards finalists (I had the honor of being one back in 2004) and althought I'll wait till the conference to see them in action, I found this preview of one of them, the Car Diagnostic AIR application, pretty cool.