FlashCamp sample code

Thanks to all for coming out this past Thursday to the first ever Montreal FlashCamp! It was a great success with a full crowd on hand to take in all the various sessions.

I had particuliar fun giving my Flex 101 session and actually was a given a little extra time to make sure I got everything in. It was great fun and got some good feedback, so hopefully I will be able to do this again in the not so distant future. I think most people were interested in my simple LCDS demo which showcased the auto-sync capabilities of the server. For those interested, I have put up the code from that demo at the following site: http://code.google.com/p/jimmycode/


Montreal Flash Camp tomorrow

Tomorrow is a big day for me, I'll be giving the Flex 101 presentation at the first ever Montreal Flash Camp. Just doing final rehearsals now, so hopefully I will give a good presentation tomorrow :)

Loading config settings at run-time

Great article by Christopher Coenraets over on his blog about how to loading configuration settings for your application at run-time. I suggest you read the article but in a nutshell, make an HTTPService call to load an XML file with all your configuration settings and voila!


Dis-liking your old code means you are growing

At the Ottawa FlashCamp last night I was talking with my friend Stacy Young and both of us noted how we always find that looking at code we wrote 2-3 years ago is always bad. Well, the code obviously works, but we hate the way we actually went about writing the code to accomplish something or to solve a particular problem.

The way I see it, this is a good thing, it means that as developers we are growing. We are learning from our various experiences and finding better ways to write applications. It means we are researching how others do things and applying new techniques to Flex development. For me it primarily mean looking into how to better unit test my ActionScript code thus making my applications as robust as possible by using some of what I read on Paul William's blog (Adobe Consulting).

So if you ever see some old code and think its the best thing you have ever written...start asking yourself some questions :)

Back from Ottawa FlashCamp, looking forward to Montreal one

I'm back in Montreal after spending the entire day yesterday in Ottawa and attending FlashCamp at the Adobe offices at night. Was a great evening, saw some cool stuff, like Ryan Stewart demoing Flash Catalyst (Ryan, I hope you found the cigar lounge :) ), my friend Stacy Young doing the Flex 101 session, a look into the future of Flex 4 and some other interesting applications from various individuals.

And now, the next FlashCamp for me is the one in Montreal later this month. Actually the cool thing about that night is that I will be doing the Flex 101 session! That will be really fun for myself personally since I haven't spoken in public for a while now. Also I might be doing a second session, but that is yet to be determined. So don't forget to sign up if you are from the Montreal region.