Flash saved my hockey viewing

I've been meaning to write about this since the day it happened, but haven't gotten around to it until tonight. Call me buzy or lazy, doesn't really matter, but hopefully you will find this short story interesting.

I was at home a couple of nights before Christmas 2011 and the Canadian World Junior Team was playing that night. So, like any good Canadian I turned on my TV to watch in HD the fastest sport in the world. But alas there was a little problem. Since early December I had been experiencing problems with my HD receiver on a on-and-off basis. Unfortunately the problem occurred that night and watching the hockey game on my TV was simply impossible. At that same moment I remembered that TSN was streaming the game live on their website, so I went to my PC to watch the game. But sitting on a chair and watching a hockey game is not as comfortable as sitting on my couch. That's when the light blub went off in my head: "wait a minute, why don't I watch it on my Android tablet?". So sure enough, I turned on my tablet, surfed to the tsn.ca website and watched the game in its entirety - and while sitting in my bed now, which was even more comfortable :) 

Thing is, it didn't occur to me until the next day, that it was thanks to the Flash Player running on my Android tablet that I was able to watch the game streaming live. If I would have had an iPad, I would not have been able to comfortably watch the game that night. Just goes to show you, that in 2011 you still need Flash to get the full web experience and that HTML5 browsers still have a ways to go.

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