Flash Player truly brings web sites to life

I find as I browse the web everyday, it is sometimes easy to forget that the Flash Player is what breathes life into web sites all over the world.

On one website, I see an silent teaser playing for a upcoming movie. Turn on the sound for the teaser and you are transported to a fictional world, but only for a few seconds. Goto Youtube.com and the whole experience revolves around the Flash Player, enabling the user to view a music video he hasn't seen in years, watch a clip from a favorite movie or watch a short funny movie created by a friend.

For myself, I am big NFL fan and I love going to either nfl.com or espn.com and watching a pre-game show debate about my favorite team's upcoming game (Cowboys in case anyone in wondering) or watching a post-game review for that matter. Furthermore, because not all the Cowboy games are presented on a national cable channel, I have a way to watch those games on my computer via the web because of the Flash Player.

So next time you are browsing some website, look around the page, you won't see just static data like it used to be just 15 years ago, but a portion of it will be dynamic and that is thanks to the little plug-in that could.