Back from Ottawa FlashCamp, looking forward to Montreal one

I'm back in Montreal after spending the entire day yesterday in Ottawa and attending FlashCamp at the Adobe offices at night. Was a great evening, saw some cool stuff, like Ryan Stewart demoing Flash Catalyst (Ryan, I hope you found the cigar lounge :) ), my friend Stacy Young doing the Flex 101 session, a look into the future of Flex 4 and some other interesting applications from various individuals.

And now, the next FlashCamp for me is the one in Montreal later this month. Actually the cool thing about that night is that I will be doing the Flex 101 session! That will be really fun for myself personally since I haven't spoken in public for a while now. Also I might be doing a second session, but that is yet to be determined. So don't forget to sign up if you are from the Montreal region.


Ryan Stewart said...

It was good seeing you again. I didn't end up hitting the Cigar bar because I was too hungover from the night after Flex Camp (I had some Scotch in Ottawa).

But I did hit a nice microbrewery there in Montreal.

We need to do a Montreal Flash Camp!


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