Flex goes to Apache

Needless to say that due to last week's Adobe blog post, their communication skills leave much to be desired. The entire Flash/Flex community is up in arms and wondering about the future. A couple of follow up blog posts were made by Adobe employees (here and here), but that asked more questions than it answered. Well as of last night, one of those follow up blog posting was updated (go here and scroll down after the red comment) in an attempt to provide more clarity. Here is a summary:

  • Current Flex SDK development work will be completed (new components and super fast compiler)
  • The Flex SDK, BlazeDS and more will be donated to Apache Software Foundation, Adobe will have people on the Open Source Flex SDK management team
  • Future versions of Flash Builder will be released with previously communicated new features
As for the future, Adobe believes that Flex is still the best solution for the development of large enterprise applications. Eventually, HTML/JavaScript will catch up in this regard, maybe 5-10 years from now, but for the near future, Flex is still the better solution. And I agree, until I see an update to the JavaScript language, I don't see how it can surpass Flex for large application development.


Anonymous said...

Adobe better also contribute Flash Player to Apache.

flex application development said...

It's great.