AIR 3.0 beta and Flash Player 11 beta available!

Well a big day today, shows that Adobe is busy at work even though we are in the middle of the summer. Today Adobe has announced the beta availability of the next major versions of AIR and Flash Player.

The AIR 3 beta, is a run-time only beta at the moment, so as to test backward compatibility with applications built with the AIR 2.7 SDK. The AIR 3 SDK beta will be made available at a later date. Major speed improvements are the highlight of this release, but more details will come I'm sure.

As for the Flash Player 11 beta, we have a bit more details on this side. The next version of our little player that could will contain Stage 3D APIs, 64-bit support (finally!), HD Surround Sound, Socket Progress Events (you can now built FTP clients), G.711 audio compression and H.264/AVC for higher quality video encoding. Well that was a mouthful, go check it out!

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