Adobe AIR 2.6 released

Adobe released yesterday AIR version 2.6 which contains numerous changes. One of the big things with this release is to bring back iOS support to AIR development. As you know there was a big hoopla last year about other development tools compiling for the iOS platform, well since the change late last year, companies like Adobe can again support iOS development (using AIR in this case) once again.

The biggest change that I see and welcome, cause I actually tried to do AIR development on my iPhone 4 late last year, is that the Packager for iPhone (PFI) is no more, the AIR Developer Tool (ADT) which comes standard with the AIR SDK, now handles the iOS platform as well; making it easier to package and deploy an application to an iOS device.

Of course there are numerous changes, and rather than me listing them all here, some other wonderful people have done that already, so there is a nice feature list (courtesy of Christian Cantrell) and quick video (by Ryan Stewart) showing off some of the new features.

You can download the Adobe AIR 2.6 SDK here and get the run-time here.

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Lars said...

Is there a plan to give developers access to the camera's 'live' video stream in order to develop augmented reality apps (AR)? Is such an access possible for any non native iOS platform?