Flash Player 10.2 makes Linux users happy

With this week's release of Flash Player 10.2, Linux users are very happy. I was just over at my mom's, and my brother who uses Linux everyday for his school work, just upgraded to the latest version of the Flash Player and the speed improvement is noticeable. We were watching some YouTube videos with version 10.1 when I told him to upgrade to 10.2, and then we re-watched the same videos and you can definitely tell the difference. Especially in full screen mode, where before it was completely choppy and now playback is a lot smoother. It is still not as smooth as it can be, as I find the same videos still play better on Windows based PCs.

This is good news all round for the Linux community and also bodes well for mobile phones and tablets that run the Android OS.

If you run Chrome on Linux, you just need to update your Chrome to the latest 9.x release and it will include Flash Player 10.2. For those using FireFox, just download the latest Flash Player from Adobe's site and you are set!

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