Ottawa Mobile Dev day recap

On Saturday I went to the Mobile Dev Day in Ottawa and here is a brief recap of what I saw.

Windows Phone 7
It was the last prez of the day and for me it was by far the most interesting, so you could say they saved the best for last. The presenter actually demoed a beta version of the phone (due out in Nov of this year) with all of its features and then proceeded to use Visual Studio to create a couple of simple apps and run them in the simulator to demonstrate a simple development cycle. A couple of the sample apps he built used the Azure services (provinded by MS for a monthly fee of $12 - dont quote me on that) to push information to the phone. The development was done in C# so easy for existing Windows developers to pick up on (or even Java developers like me!).

Adobe AIR on Android
Unfortunately there was no demo, just a look at sample code and what extra APIs are provided to AIR for the Android OS. Again this is just a beta, so you can try it out yourself by downloading the add-on here. Although you can access things like the Geolocation API and the Accelerometer, you cannot unfortunately access the phone's contacts or any over local data. Maybe in the next version.

Two words: Objective C. We had two presenters for the iPhone and although the apps looked great (like they always do), I can't say that programming in Objective C turns me on. It looks so archaic. Dealing with pointers? Remembering to free up memory? That's so 15 years ago! There is a glimmer of hope however, you can use PhoneGap to create HTML/JS/CSS apps and deploy them to the iPhone. But you have to have a Mac in either case to do iPhone development. Bah!

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The push notification services used by WP7 are intended to be free of charge.

Azure ($0.12 per hour per small instance) is a place for hosting cloud applications including ones which may call the push notification services for sending messages to phones.

colinizer.com (the WP7 presenter)