Flexcommon 1.2 released

I have just uploaded the latest version (1.2) of my FlexCommon library to its home on GoogleCode. This latest release contains the following changes:
  • Compiled with Flex 3.2
I dont see this as a problem and should allow a wider audience to use the library.
  • DataComboBox
This is an extension of the ComboxBox control. Lots of times we set the dataProvider and then want to set the selectedIndex based on some value withing the dataProvider. For this purpose I have created the DataComboBox control, which has two new properties: dataField and dataValue. The dataField property tells the control which property within each item of the dataProvider to examine and the dataValue property is the value to compare against. Once a match is found. the selectedIndex is set. See the documentation for an example.
  • New StringUtils.isNumeric() method
New convenience method to determine if a string contains only numeric digits.
  • Comes with en_US and fr_CA language bundles
All the error messages returned by validators are now contained with resource bundles: en_US (English) - the default - and fr_CA (French). You can of course create your own and if you wish to submit it to me I will include it!