Flash Player crashes?

Been reading alot of Flash Player bashing lately and one of the main cons against the "little" player is the fact that it crashes so often. It does? Like when? It has happened once to me while visiting a web site and it was so long ago I don't remember. And like most people, I visit websites where I have to watch Flash content; like tsn.ca, espn.com, youtube.com, etc... It's not like I don't touch websites with Flash content with a 10-foot pole. Heck I develop in this stuff.

And then you have to wonder...if the Flash Player crashed so often, wouldn't nobody develop for this platform at all? Why would it still exist 15 years after it original release?

So wake-up people, Flash Player is here to stay for a little while longer, we can do more with it today than we ever could, and the web is more dynamic because of it. Will it cease exist some day? Perhaps, but not for another 10 years I hope :)