AIR error 3122 and 3125

Was just working earlier this week on a little AIR application for my own use and I got stumped at one point while using it. The AIR application makes use of the local database and I was unable to update a record; I was repeatedly getting error 3122 during the save operation. After looking up the error description I figured out it was because the database file was read-only. It was because the file was in the application directory, also note this is on Windows Vista (I don't need to tell you about UAC!). I made the file modifiable, but now was getting error 3125. Error 3125 states that the OS simply won't let you update the DB in any way, and I figured it was Vista not letting me do the update. So I moved the file to my documents directory and it worked fine.

So be careful during an installation of a mission critical AIR application, make sure you place your database file somewhere where it can be worked with; either in the user's document directory or in the application storage directory. Especially important on Windows Vista.


Franto said...

did you test applicationStorage, because it's not only with databases, but with files as well. Adobe told us, we should use applicationStorage path not just application path (im not sure if this is correct name, but it's early morning here :) )

Dimitrios "Jimmy" Gianninas said...

File.applicationStorage or File.documentsDirectory will work.

Ahmed Malik said...

run your application as administrator and it should work.

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