Ottawa Flex Camp

Forgot to mention this a while back, but a Flex Camp is being held at Adobe's Ottawa offices this upcoming August 21st. You can sign up via this website. So for those in Ottawa or in close proximity, like me (in Montreal), try to be there, should be fun!


Lost Soul said...

Hi Jimmy,

Thanks for the tip! I saw your post 2 days before the camp.

Did you go after all? I went and tried to look at the name tags to see if I would find a Jimmy but saw none.

It was an interesting camp. I like what I saw. Some cool apps, I liked the bots application interface.

What about you?


Dimitrios "Jimmy" Gianninas said...

I just posted my comments in another new blog entry, so check it out. I arrived late, so I didn't have a name tag, maybe next time :)

ND Test said...

Hi Yves. I presented the "bots" app (www.mychoicebot.com). If you have a moment to share any specifics about what you liked (or didn't like), I'd love to hear them -thanks. nickd choicebot com.

Lost Soul said...

Hi Nick,

Overall, it's a pretty impressive app! Congratulation for an awesome work! I may have some UI comments but I'm sure you already have them ...

Don't know why exactly but I don't like the way we select the features at the top of the bot. I guess is all personal taste so just ignore.

I would like to be able to recall the feature ranking dialog (sliders) from the overview page. You know the page with all the details and feature ranking per item. This way, I could be reminded of my selections and check if I was not too hard on some features. I would also like to edit the feature ranking and see the effects on this particular item. It does not affect at all the overall item ranking. When I close the overview panel, I'm back to the original ranking.

Maybe a reset button to reset all the sliders to the middle and having the sliders stick to the tick marks instead of being so 'infinite'.

Please, these comments are only some observations and do not diminish the product in any way. I really like what you did!

Good luck!


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