Flex articles at InfoQ

It's Saturday morning and I am doing my regular tech web rounds and I found that the InfoQ website has no less that 3 Flex articles on their main page. One is about FlexReport, a tool for adding better printing capabilities, and God knows Flex needs help in that department. Second is a Java-based compiler API. I know you are going to say, that this exists today and lots of people of using it via ANT, but this is a bit different. It is an actual API, so you can create a Java class that uses the API to compile a Flex application and in some cases by just having the Flex application in memory, no actual file on disk. Interesting in seeing what that this is going to produce. And last but no least, FlexSpy and tool similar to FireBug but for Flex applications. I guess this is for those you won`t be able to have the Flex Building debugger but still want to look inside their Flex application at run and solve some problem they are having, big thumbs up here.